How to lose belly fat

Belly fat may be a night mare to some of us, it does not only look unsightly but may also lead to some further health problems. Having a slim belly for some of us is a natural thing, unfortunately most of today’s society struggles with excessive fat in the area of belly. No worries, by incorporating a few simple tips to your daily life you can faster obtain dream belly effects. Of course there is no one magical solution for everyone but with a sustainable combination of points from below reaching effects is more probable.


Have a look on my favorite tips:

1. Fit belly means strong muscles

Trained abdominal muscles are fot you the best corset. In order to fulfill this function, you need to strengthen them by doing exercises like for example by traditional crunches: lie on the floor, bend your legs in your knees, rest your hands on the back of your neck, spread your elbows wide, inhale, exhale slightly while lifting your abdominal muscles (you train straight abdominal muscle). Exercise daily by doing 3-4 series of 10 repetitions – and this is enough! Believe me with this basic exercise is a game changer! If you are tired of basic version of crunches you can modify it and train the lower straight muscle segment  and do the so-called reverse crunches: when lying on your back, raise your legs upright and take your hips off the floor. The series do not need to be long, the key to success is to work out systematically!

2. Diet means small portions full of veggies

The diet is the base next to the exercises. Eat small meals 5-6 times a day, each with a portion of fruit or vegetables. Appreciate yoghurts with live bacterial cultures – they keep the intestinal flora in balance, limiting gas production, and also prevent bloating and constipation. Avoid heavily salted foods (they retain water in the body). Give up on vegetables that may cause bloats e.g. beans, peas, broad beans, cabbage, onion.

3. Sugar means your worst enemy

Unfortunatley anything that consists of big amounts of sugar is not good for keeping the lowest level of belly fat. This applies also to fruits, of course eating fruits is awesome but try not to eat it too much and in very late hours. Drinking fizzy drinks is not so good either cause carbon dioxide pushes the stomach. Interestingly chewing gum may also cause your belly look plumpy because of the air that is being swallowed in the gum chewing process.

4. Herbs make you slender

One of your favorite friends in belly fat reduction are definitely herbs that accelerate digestion and soothe bloating. Add to your dishes such herbs like: marjoram, mustard, pepper. In case of drinks you can prepare every night some infusions of mint, camomile or fennel. They are not only good for your belly but I also like to have my camomile infusion right before my sleep, this helps me to relax and calm down right before bed time. If you have a tendency to flatulence, take the soothing preparations from the pharmacy. As an appetizer or dessert drink slimming cocktails based on vegetables and fruits – they help to cleanse the body from metabolic by-products and they accelerate metabolism.

5. Massage is good for everything

Having a massage once in a while is probably for all of us a nice and relaxing experiance. It is a good method for stress relief but it also looks that it is good for reducing a body fat. During this treatment, blood circulation is improved and muscles relax. In addition, the stimulated to work intestines remove the gases faster. You can do the massage yourself or ask your partner for it. Lie down comfortably on your back with your hand on a belly, lightly press the belly and at the same time make circular movements in a clockwise direction. Massage continue for 5 minutes, then finish it with a gentle stroking. The treatment should be performed prophylactically every evening or when the abdomen occasionally refuses to obey.


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