Stay calm and namaste

Have you ever been wonderng why yoga is so popular these days? Some folks think that yoga maybe quite boring. Is actually yoga boring? I do not think so! There are so many forms of yoga so fir sur you can find an appropriate type that will not bore you.

The idea that yoga is boring probably originates from classical yoga classes. In fact here are more and more trends of yoga available, also very dynamic version, in which the main emphasis is placed on the synchronization of movement with breath (Vinyasa, Strala, Ashtanga). The choice of yoga varieties is very wide, so everyone will certainly find a style that will suit his expectations. Nevetheless, there are six arguments that will ensure you why should start your yoga adventure now!

Yoga gives you awareness

Once you decide and let yourself walk in to the first yoga classes in your life, get ready for a big challenge. The next day, you can wake up with soreness in a very surprising areas of the body. It is all because of the activation of deeply hidden muscles, which work hard on yoga but not so much in your daily life. After the first month you will start to gain awareness of how to set positions, where to stretch, and where to relax, so as not to cause pain, and at the same time to exercise effectively. Although at the beginning of a command in the style of „sciatic tumors to the ceiling” or „press the outer edge of the left foot” may sound slightly enigmatic, in time you will get to know your body much better. And thanks to this, you will gain more awareness about yoga, but also how to effectively exercise in general. You will get to know not only your limitations, which will allow you to avoid injuries, but also realize the strengths of your body. Not to mention that it will help you to stay healthy, fit and in harmony with your mind.

Yoga gives you relax

Stress, tension, overload – we all know these nasty feelings perfectly. We work a lot and hard. In most cases our live is a constant run, often forgetting that without a proper relaxation of the body and spirit, the batteries quickly overload. Each yoga session ends with relaxation. This is a special moment during which, guided by the voice of the instructor, we learn how to „enter the state of conscious and refreshing relaxation” on a cue. This is a moment only for you, not your family, boss or other factors that keep your thoughts busy. The moment where only breathing matters and you can stop for a moment and forget about the hustle and bustle of the world for a few minutes. It is priceless when you know how to relax. 

Yoga gives you healthy spine

Probably most of us sit throughout the day at least eight hours, then you drive to work by car spending another minutes or hours in a sitting position. After getting back home we rest by sitting on a couch watching tv. If every day looks more or less like this, then you probably already have certain ailments from the spine. And if not, then it all depends on you! A sitting position is not a physiological position for the body. We are created for movement. Sitting for many hours sooner or later, will have consequences for health and well-being. On yoga classes you will strengthen and make your spine more elastic. Many yoga positions have not only a beneficial but even painkilling effect for a tight neck or sore loins. The sooner you get to know them the faster your spine will thank you for that.

Yoga gives you slim belly 

Dynamic yoga has a similar effect on the body as fitness, and therefore accelerate the metabolism, help to burn body fat and sculpt the body. Although it is not Zumba, steppe or cross fit and probably for the effects you will have to wait a bit longer, but if you are looking for an activity that will take care of the appearance of your body, and by the way will restore the balance of the spirit, then yoga is definitely for you!

Yoga gIves you purification

Environmental pollution and chemicals in food contribute to poisoning the body. Yoga is a great way to detox – during exercise, when we stimulate our metabolism, toxins are removed more quickly from internal organs.

Yoga gives you desired results

Yoga helps in weight loss, it forces muscles to exercise, thanks to which fatty tissue burns faster. Poses at yoga (asana) regulate the functioning of the endocrine system – largely responsible for the tendency to gain weight. Furthermore, asana affect the water-lipid balance of the body and minimize stress and restore mental balance, thanks to which we do not have mood swings, which often results in increased appetite. Moreover, like in every sport yoga postures develop musculature and have a positive effect on the condition of the spine and correct posture, which was alreasy mentioned.

As you can see yoga offers so much goodness not only to our body but also mind. I highly recommend you to at least try yoga, so stay calm do yoga and namaste!



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