Ten tips to boost your metabolism

Our metabolism is conditioned by a number of factors such as age, sex or body mass. The way your metablism works may reflect how your body looks. Fortunately by appling a few simple tips in your everyday life you can effectively accelerate your metablism. So even if we eat sometimes a very caloric snack, bad effects won’t be so visible when your metabolism is boosted. How to speed up the metabolism?

Have a look on my favorite methods below.

1. Work out

A great way to boost your metabolism is a physical activity. Choose the type of activity that you like the most. The key is to exercise regularly. If you do not like running, choose a bike or walk. It’s important to move! Remember that the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn during training. What’s more, research shows that 45 minutes of intense physical activity increases the metabolic rate for 14 hours. Does not that sound great enough? So when you are an evening work out person and you go out for an evening jog then during the night while you are asleep your body works more efficiently!

2. Have a good sleep

Researchers found that the length of a sleep may affect the speed of your metabolism. Sleep disorders increase  a risk of obesity and diabetes. Interestingly, not only too short sleep, which means less than five hours contributes to the dysregulation of metabolism, but also excessive sleeping (over 8 hours) negatively affects metabolism.

3. Celebrate breakfasts

Breakfast is that one kind of a meal that can be big and full of calories, okay let’s add here good calories. So having a jar full of chocolate cookies won’t be the best idea but honestly it is better to have it in the morning rather than as a late night snack. Breakfast is also my favorite meal, I am always trying to have a big breakfast rich in good carbs like banana, avocado, nuts, chia seeds etc. Make a habit of eating breakfasts, this will be the best present for your metabolism every morning. If you do not like to starting a day with large portions, fruit smoothies can be a great alternative.

4. Drink water

The best way to start the day is to drink a glass of warm water that gently stimulates our digestive system. So right before your awesome breakfast have some water and prepare your stomach for the full day of digesting. It is also good to drink a cup of tea from nettles or warm water with lemon juice in the morning. Such beverages are not only gentle for our organism, but also affect its functioning well. During the day it is often worth reaching for water, because thanks to this, we cleanse the body from toxins. If you do not like to drink a lot of mineral water, herbal teas (chamomile, mint, purge) will work well.

5. Drink green tea

Green tea not only contains antioxidants, which slow down the aging of cells, but also has a good effect on the metabolic rate. It is really good to have a habit of drinking a cup of green tea every day.

6. Eat fiber

In terms to improve your metabolism, introduce a lot of rich in fiber products to your diet. You can find fiber for example in dried fruits plums, apricots or dates, which can be a great idea for a snack in between breakfast and lunch. Good sources of fiber are also fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, avocados and broccoli. Another thing which is rich in fiber are oats meals, bran, wholemeal pasta and wholewheat bread.

7. Drink coffee

Coffee in moderated amounts is a great way to stimulate metabolism. It is important not to drink it on an empty stomach and do not add caloric additives such as oily cream or flavored syrups to your coffee. It is also worth remembering not to drink too much coffee – one cup a day is enough.

8. Spices are good

Spices boost the metabolism. Best of them are ginger, chilli pepper, cayenne pepper and cinnamon. I like to add ginger to my everyday tea or just warm water, it works excellent in winter evenings. Another thing is cinnamon, I am a big fan of cinnamon! I add it on a top of my oatmeals which I eat with banana, it is really great for accelerating your metabolism and in your journey for slim and healthy body!

9. Eat protein

Our body is slower with digesting proteins than carbohydrates, so eating a protein for breakfast provides a feeling of fullness for longer. Longer digestion also means consuming a larger dose of energy. Therefore, compose meals with products rich in protein such as: eggs, milk, natural yoghurt, fish or peanut butter.

10. Regular meals

Lastly, a key to have a properly working metabolism is to be regular with your meals! When there are too long breaks between meals, the metabolism slows down. That is why it is so important not to cause a feeling of great hunger. Then we not only slow down our metabolism, but also can make for ourselves a tendency to overeat. It’s better to plan your meals so that the gap between them is not very long.

That is it! Ten simple tips, which can be a real game changer for your metabolism!

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